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Bat Removal Treasure Coast

If you find bats in your home or attic, it is important to contact a nuisance animal removal service as soon as possible. Bats can carry rabies and they can cause damage to your property. AAAC Wildlife Removal offers fast and humane solutions which will rid unwanted bats from their homes quickly! Give us a call!

bats in an attic in the Treasure Coast
Bats enter homes through unsealed cracks and vents

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Treasure Coast is a family-owned and operated animal control company that has served the area for over 20 years now. We are licensed by the state of Florida as well as trained in best practices for bat removal procedures and wildlife biology.

We are proud to offer wildlife animal removal services to the surrounding areas of Palm Bay, Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, West Melbourne, Malabar, Grant Valkaria and anywhere in the Treasure Coast area!

We perform animal removal services for many species in the Treasure Coast area, not just bats. These include: Wildlife Removal, Raccoon Removal, Treasure Coast Florida rodent removal, rat trapping and rat removal, possum removal, bird control services, Treasure Coast Florida squirrel removal

As always we ensure the humane and proper treatment of all nuisance animals.

Bats hanging out on a gable vent in an attic in the treasure coast

Bats in the attic

There are 13 bat species in Florida; they pose little risk directly to humans. Florida’s native bats are insectivores. The greatest risk to your home comes from accumulation of bat droppings from a roosting colony. During the maternity season (usually April 15 to August 15) it is illegal in Florida to remove or exclude bats.

They’re not all bad though: Bats consume pest insects! However, if you see one of these winged mammals hanging out on your property at night don’t be alarmed. There is a good chance that he is just looking for dinner nearby and has no intention of moving into your attic. In fact, there might even be some benefits associated with having the occasional bat swoop through your yard after dusk.

Places like your attic or chimney are perfect for bats to live. These little creatures enjoy using tiny openings, and they will squeeze through the tiniest cracks in order to find a good place to rest during the day when it is hot outside.

So you live in a place with the perfect habitat for bats. It may not be long until your attic is infested by these little mammals. Let’s talk about what they bring into our homes: bat droppings. You might not even notice it up there on your ceiling or floorboards at first because of how small their poop pellets are. The most dangerous aspect though? Bat guano can be quite toxic.

Bat hanging onto bat exclusion netting over a gable vent in the treasure coast

Bat Exclusion: the best form of Bat Control in Treasure Coast, FL

Bat exclusion is a measure to exclude bats from roosting and nesting sites. Bats often leave around dusk and try to return close to dawn. They do this because they need to be active at night in order to feed. Bat exclusion works so well because it prevents your bats from returning to your home in the morning. They can get out but they cannot get back in.

Exclusion Methods: One way doors are used to block off openings for bats as they pass through. These entry-points may be due to  construction defects made during the original building process or a remodel. Or they could be the result of natural weather damage over time. One-way doors constructed from netting can also be fashioned at entrances or attic windows that see a lot of bat activity.

Tightening loose masonry around window wells will eliminate many potential ingress routes into a home. It’s worth mentioning that sealing up unused chimneys or other openings in attics would also remove access points for bats.

The process we use for bat exclusion work

Here’s how we handle a bat exclusion job:

  1. Spend a LOT of time identifying each bat entry point into your home
  2. Establish one way doors at all entry points
  3. Validate that we’ve excluded all of the bats in your attic
  4. Seal every one of the access holes
  5. Conduct an attic cleanup and removal all of the harmful bat droppings using the proper safety equipment
  6. Change insulation (if needed)
  7. Fix any interior or outdoor damage

Bats are a great way to control insect pests for free, but they can be very difficult and expensive to get rid of. Our solution is to set up one-way doors at the entry points when you identify them or once we’ve found them. This will ensure that by the time bats go hunting in the evening, all their access points have been sealed off so they cannot return back into your attic even if they want to!

The best thing about this method is that it’s completely humane which means no dead bodies laying around on our lawns while people give us dirty looks wondering what happened here last night – yikes…

The cost of Bat Removal Treasure Coast

Bat removal services in Treasure Coast, FL tend to range from around $400 for a simple job, and go up to $5,000+ for bigger jobs that require attic cleanouts and re-insulation. Here is a more in-depth breakdown of the costs:

  • The typical price of a modest bat removal for a home or office building in Treasure Coast alone runs around $400+, usually in a range of $250– $650
  • There is generally a (~ $200) evaluation charge, but that is usually attributed toward the removal expense
  • Bat exclusion for small to moderate sized colonies of bats costs somewhere around $300– $8,000 for removal and exclusion in Treasure Coast
  • Attic bat guano cleanup and re insulation can add another $600– $8,000, depending upon the extent of the damage and dimension of the house

If you’re googling “Cost Bat Removal Services in Treasure Coast, Florida”, you might be a little concerned about how much this might cost. Bat control services tend to be much more costly than many other kinds of wild animal removal, typically due to the fact that they do so much damage.

bat guano in an attic in the treasure coast

Dealing with a bat infestation in Treasure Coast

AAAC Wildlife Removal pros will save the day with our bat removal services. We’ll tidy up the mess, and fix the damage. Bat control must begin as soon as you discover them hanging around your home.

A lot of people don’t know that bats can actually be quite harmful to humans; their droppings often contain a fungus which can cause serious lung infections in some cases! With this being said, it’s important for any homeowner who has found these flying mammals nesting on their property to call AAAC Wildlife Removal of the Treasure Coast ASAP so we may inspect within 24 hours and clean up before they become hazardous to one’s health.

Does Animal Control kill bats?

Treasure Coast Animal control won’t kill bats, they are federally protected in the United States. Animal Control usually refers bat infestations to nuisance wildlife removal companies that offer solutions for removing these animals from your home or property so you don’t have to deal with them on your own!

What kinds of diseases are caused by bats?

Histoplasmosis and rabies are two diseases that are contracted from bats. As with any animal, there is always a chance of contracting rabies when coming into contact with a bat, including bite wounds, scratches and transmission from saliva. What poses the greatest risk to human beings? Again as with any animal choose your contact carefully, bat guano (feces) in large numbers can contain histoplasmosis spores which again pose risks for people working in caves where it accumulates or when grub worms accidentally ingest droppings then wind up on our food crops–yum!

Do bats carry rabies?

Bats do carry rabies. The risk of transmission to humans is low, but it has been reported in North and South America. Rabies can be transmitted through bat bites as well as scratches from a bat’s claws or feces. In 2009, an Alaska woman contracted rabies after being bitten by a wild bat she tried to remove from her home; sick with the disease for almost five months before finally being diagnosed with it while in her hospital bed on ventilator due to complications from pneumonia and other illnesses 

In 2001, two Virginia residents were infected with rabies—one while trying to free an entangled bat, the other after taking direct contact with a live roaming rabid skunk found near the first resident

What is Histoplasmosis?

Histoplasmosis is an infection of the lungs that can cause severe or even life-threatening problems, but it’s usually not fatal.

The typical signs and symptoms of histoplasmosis are much like those of a common cold but without a fever. It’s more likely to be confused with pneumonia or chronic bronchitis because symptoms often include cough, shortness of breath, and sputum production. These symptoms are also commonly caused by other conditions such as asthma. Because many lung diseases have similar signs and symptoms, only laboratory testing for histoplasma can confirm if you have this disease.

Symptoms may last from weeks to months, so it is important to follow up with your doctor about repeat chest x-rays and screenings.

Are bats protected in Florida?

Yes! Bats are protected by the United States Federal Government and were added to the endangered species list.

There are a great amount of bats that reside here, but they are becoming more scarce due to many diseases, fungus, predators, pesticides, environmental hazards and human development.

In just an hour, one bat can eat over 1,000 mosquitos. It would be a dark day if we got rid of all of our bats. Bats are the second most common mammal (after rodents), and consist of 20% of the Earth’s mammal population.

Bats are a vital part of the environment in the state of Florida, especially in areas such as Florida’s parks and wildlife parks.

Wildlife Removal Services in Treasure Coast

Treasure Coast Florida is a hot spot for wildlife. These are the most common wildlife problems in the area. The area is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including a large number of wildlife species. The Treasure Coast area has a wide range of wildlife problems, such as deer, birds and coyotes.

Keep in mind, we also are happy to help you with other wild animals and related challenges in Treasure Coast, like: raccoon removal, skunk removal, Treasure Coast squirrel removal services, bird removal, dead animal removal, rat control, wildlife control, snake removal & other wildlife pest removal concerns. We even handle dead animal infestations. No animal species (except for domestic animals) is off limits!

We are the premier wildlife removal company in the Treasure Coast area. Our animal removal professional skills are tried and tested, and we’re confident to say the are Florida wildlife control experts. If you are in need of wildlife control services, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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