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Nothing is worse for your insulation than a family of squirrels setting up shop. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal experts of Treasure Coast are right here to help you remove your squirrel problem, tidy up the mess, and fix the damage. Act fast, since frayed wires start fires!

Squirrel standing on a tree branch
Squirrels thrive all over Florida, especially in your attic!

Scraping, gnawing, and sounds of pitter-patter in the morning or during the day are a really good indicator you have many squirrels in your house. You might additionally uncover bits of dried-out leaves, twigs, cardboard, or insulation in hidden sections, a sign that they’re building a nest.

Squirrel control and removal must be set in motion as soon as the creature has been found staying in your home! A Squirrel’s front teeth never stop growing, so they must ceaselessly grind them down.. Because of this, Squirrels have a habit of chewing electrical wiring and plumbing which can lead to fires or water damage.

How to control Wildlife and Animals in your Attic?

Your attic is like a playground for this wildlife animal. They enjoy nothing more than to have a good, completely dry place to get out of the weather and romp about like puppies under your roof. Squirrels normally construct nests in palm trees to keep them safe from killers and rival squirrels. Well, your attic is the most perfect and effective nest they could ask for, and they didn’t even have to pay for it!

If it weren’t for the noise and animal waste, squirrels may not be so unpleasant. But, the greatest risk that a squirrel invasion can pose is that they gnaw on electrical wires that go through your attic and walls. This is extremely bad news for your household. As we like to claim: “Frayed wires set fires”. There’s no need to burn your house down simply because some squirrels determined to move in.
Were you aware that nuts are hidden and forgotten by squirrels often grow into trees?

How can I get this Critter out of my Attic?

Great question! Getting squirrels out of your home is generally a three-part program. This is how we conveniently handle the process

  1. First, set up traps and capture the squirrels
  2. Next, seal up the access points so they can not get back in
  3. And lastly, inspect and fix interior and exterior damage to your home

Should I use Squirrel Exterminators?

Please do not do this! I say this because you’ll possibly be calling us to remove the dead squirrels inside your walls. Plenty of Treasure Coast area exterminators and insect control services use poisons as their first and only control weapon when combating squirrels in your attic.

This might work well on ant and termite colonies, however, it is an extremely bad strategic control when it comes to wildlife removal.

Consider a humane, exclusion-based option when handling an animal pest problem in your home. Not only is it kinder to the animals, in the vast majority of instances, but it is also by far the most efficient solution. No need to create a squirrel graveyard in your attic for you to locate (and smell) months later.

Sealing Entry Points in your Treasure Coast Home to Prevent Squirrels

Another reason to use call or contact wildlife professional services for squirrels in your attic is that you need to find and control each of those entry points. Treasure Coast area squirrels are masters of fitting right into tight areas (they would certainly be very good in a “heist” movie).
Did you know that Squirrels are Olympic-level athletes? They have the power to jump a distance of up to twenty feet!
You need someone who will secure each and every single entrance point on the 1st try. That will certainly save you valuable time, cash, and peace of mind. Do not roll the dice when it concerns your attic when you can contact a wildlife removal professional.

Treasure Coast Wildlife Damage Repair

Squirrels can do significant damage to your home specifically to the roof, soffits, and eaves. Often they use their teeth and claws to widen little entrance holes to make it larger and much more comfy to go into and leave.

The exterior damage that they create is unattractive. You might get comments from your neighbors! We are really skilled at repairing this damage and doing quality services making your home look new whether you are in a county or city.

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