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Bird Removal in Treasure Coast

Our AAAC Wildlife Removal pros are here to help you evict your birds, clean up the mess, and repair the damage. We specialize in humane bird removal methods like netting and trapping, and we will remove the nuisance birds from your property quickly and effectively. Give us a call today!

birds nesting inside a vent
Birds can find easy entry to your home through unprotected vents

We are proud to offer wildlife animal removal services to the surrounding areas of Palm Bay, Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, West Melbourne, Malabar, Grant Valkaria and anywhere in the Treasure Coast area!

Types of Nuisance Birds in Treasure Coast Florida

In Treasure Coast Florida, we have a variety of nuisance birds that cause problems. Let’s focus on the types of nuisance bird in Treasure Coast Florida, how they can be a problem, and what you can do about it.

There are many different species of birds that inhabit this area including: pigeons, sparrows and swallows to name just a few. Our Bird removal Treasure Coast FL knowledge will serve you well here. No matter which type or species is causing your problem there are steps you can take to make them go away for good!

pigeon on a rooftop


  • Pigeons are just as likely to cause problems in Florida as any other area of the United States. They can cause damage to a property and they have been known to carry diseases. Bird droppings left on the ground or ledges can also be a problem for people who have allergies. In addition to these problems, pigeons also make noise with their cooing sounds. Some people find this soothing, while others find it annoying or disruptive.
  • Pigeon poop is bad news when it gets onto your home’s roof because if water seeps into pigeon poop then you’ve got yourself some serious rotting wood that needs attention before things get worse and more costly than they need to be! Pigeon droppings contain uric acid, which is soluble in water and can dissolve the wood that your Treasure Coast Florida home’s roof are made of. Treasure Coast pigeon removal is important for keeping your home safe from damage thanks to uric acid.
Starling on a branch


  • Starlings are a type of nuisance bird in Florida because they often build their nests around vent covers. This can cause problems for people who live inside homes that have these vents. The nest will block airflow and possibly cause mold to grow on surfaces in the home or office building. A bad smell may also develop if rain water collects in the nest and it is not cleaned out regularly. These birds also make noise which some people find annoying, especially if you work all day inside an office with no windows!
Closeup of a Sparrow


  • House sparrows are notoriously destructive creatures. They’re omnivorous and will eat just about anything- including the food meant for livestock, like corn or wheat seeds that you’ve put out to feed your chickens! This leads them to peck at other crops too, such as buds on fruit trees. Sparrows can be a real nuisance in fields because they take up so much space with their eating habits- not moving around all over but staying right where there is cover from predators near hedgerows (which also helps protect them).
  • House sparrows have been known by farmers since ancient times for being particularly pesky pests when it comes to consuming areas of grain stores and even steal some grains already harvested.
Two vultures perched on wooden posts


  • The droppings from the vultures are very bad for Florida residents. The droppings contain disease and can cause health issues. With that being said, it is difficult to do something about the amount of droppings caused by Treasure Coast Florida vultures. They often need to be harassed in order to be controlled
Woodpecker on suet feeder


  • Woodpeckers are a common nuisance bird in Treasure Coast Florida. Woodpeckers tend to hang out around wooded areas, and Treasure Coast has a large amount of these areas. Woodpecker damage can be a problem when they find places to roost or nest that people are worried about.
Muscovy duck at water's edge

Muscovy Duck

  • The Muscovy duck is an invasive species that came to Florida in the 1950s. The duck has large communities of feral populations and have not become naturally adapted to the cold weather that Florida typically experiences during the winter. This includes the Muscovy ducks droppings, which is a nuisance to any property that they reside on. The droppings can stick to anything it touches and can transmit disease to anyone who comes into contact with them.
4 birds nesting in vent

Why do birds nest in vents?

  • Dryer vents: Dryer vents are a popular spot for nesting birds because  they are small, dark and warm. Vents naturally provide shelter, camouflage, and safety for the young bird couple trying to start a family.
  • Exhaust vents: This is one of the most common places for people to put bird nests. Birds love exhaust vents because the metal is warm and there are many of them. If one gets in, others will often follow because it already has a hole big enough for them
  • Kitchen vents: Kitchen vents are another favorite nesting spot for birds in Treasure Coast because they are warm and there is more than one vent. Cooking smells attract the birds, and they come inside to look for food.
  • Attic Vents: Bird nests in attic vents are an extremely common problem. The attic is insulated and dark, which are all qualities that birds like. It usually isn’t hard to find a nest in an attic vent because you can often look up and see the edge of their nesting material.

Damaged caused by birds in Treasure Coast Florida

Roof damage

Birds generally don’t mean any harm by flying over your property. In fact, they often provide a soothing sound in the background as you go about life. However, birds can also cause significant damage to roofs.

  • Bird Poop: Birds are territorial creatures and may feel compelled to poop on top of any roof within their territory that is not theirs. Bird poop will degrade the substrate layer especially with tar based roofs. This can cause serious leaks. The lifespan of a warehouse roof can be cut in half by a light and continuous application of bird poop over time.
  • Bird Nests: Birds will often build nests in the convenient confines of gutters. Blocked gutters can cause serious damage to any roof they are near. If left untreated, blocked rainwater will pool on top of roofs and eventually seep through seams or holes in the substrate layer due to pressure buildup from water weight. This leads to leaks that often go undetected for long periods of time because they’re hidden by insulation layers up high on the building envelope; this leaves buildings susceptible to mold growth which is expensive and difficult to remove once established.
  • Collapsed Roofs: Pigeons have been know to enter attics of houses, apartments and other buildings through openings that have either been broken or left unsealed. The pigeons set up home in these protected areas, build nests and poop relentlessly. Often the weight of this droppings becomes so great that it actually collapses the ceiling!

Fire Risk Caused by Bird Nests

Birds can be natural fire starters. Birds often make their nests from straw, twigs, and dried droppings. These materials are flammable and can lead to fires if they nest in electric signs or any other machinery.

man pulling nest out of a blocked dryer vent

Ventilation Blocked by bird nests

Birds are the most common animal to nest in vents and chimneys, but it’s not for their love of smoke. They’re looking for a safe place close to food sources – like your home! When they build nests on top of vent or chimney openings, air flow becomes blocked which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. The best way you can avoid this is by having an annual inspection performed with one of our experts who has years experience dealing with these delicate situations!

It doesn’t take much effort from birds before things start going wrong at your house–they’ll just need two minutes’ worth of time every day (time spent building that next family member) spreading diseases through the system while also blocking ventilation systems.

Corrosion of equipment and structures

Acidic bird droppings are like a corrosive acid that can do great damage to machinery and workers. Air conditioning equipment, industrial machines, siding insulation etc., the acidic properties of these droppings not only destroy property but also pose health risks for those who work around them.

How to Get Rid of Birds

Bird Nesting in Vent:

Bird nests in vents are best removed by a professional bird control service because they may be hard for a homeowner to reach. This can lead to the risk of getting hurt while trying to remove it yourself. Once the nest has been removed, it’s a good idea to seal the area with steel mesh or a vent guard that will properly exclude your nesting birds from getting back in.


It’s possible to get rid of pigeons through two primary strategies: exclusion and abatement. Exclusion is the process of putting up barriers, mesh, and netting to keep them from entering or inhabiting a structure where they aren’t tolerated. Abatement involves getting rid of pigeons through lethal trapping, predators, hunting, and poisons.


It’s possible to get rid of woodpeckers without resorting to spikes or toxic chemicals, thanks in part of bird netting. Netting is the best way for protecting wood surfaces against holes being drilled by birds looking for insects living inside trees; it also provides effective pest control on fruit-bearing crops like berries planted close together – as well as garden vegetables such as cucumbers.


To get rid of sparrows, you can use netting or sheet metal to cordon off nesting areas. To catch them, you can use single catch sparrow traps or mist nets. You can also use sticky gels to repel birds from perching and roosting.


Remove nest material to get rid of starlings. The best way to do this is with the help of a professional because nests are very easy to miss, and trying it yourself may cause you injury. Install scare devices like bird scarers to repel starlings from roosting on buildings. Patch holes and repair broken windows and vents to make sure birds cannot get in.

Muscovy Duck:

The best way to get rid of Muscovy Ducks is by mimicking natural predators and preventing them from landing. You can use predator decoys or have a professional, trained dog handler on staff who will keep the ducks away for long enough that they’ll find another area to stop in at.

Professional nuisance bird removal service

Residential Bird Removal

We are experts and residential bird removal! We have been servicing the Treasure Coast Florida area for years. Alex Lauffenburger with AAAC Wildlife Removal is a Treasure Coast resident and has been doing this work for 15+ yrs. He has a degree in wildlife biology. He not only removes the birds but takes care of the prevention measures that will keep them out in the future as well. All birds serviced by our company receive the humane and proper treatment that they are due. Homeowners in distress because of a bird infestation need not  worry because we are Treasure Coast’s bird removal experts. We have been servicing Treasure Coast with our professional, effective methods for years and are well known as one of the premier Treasure Coast Florida bird removal service companies.

Man preparing bird netting in a warehouse

Commercial Bird Removal

We offer commercial bird control, bird abatement and bird removal services to commercial property owners in the Treasure Coast Florida area. We do everything possible to make sure your business is protected from pest birds. Nobody wants to work or shop in a place with pest birds, especially pigeons. Call us if you are ready to get rid of them today! We are the best wild animal removal company in the area!

Bird Proofing Solutions Treasure Coast Fl

We offer bird proofing solutions in Treasure Coast Florida and surrounding areas to help keep pest birds out of your home or business. We have a solution for any situation that will work for Treasure Coast property owners. Contact our office to see how we can help you eliminate nuisance birds from your home through bird proofing solutions!

Wildlife Removal in Treasure Coast Florida 

Our animal control company specialize in all types of animal control services and wildlife removal services. We handle: dead animal removal, bat removal & bat control, animal control, armadillo removal, rodent removal, squirrel removal services, nuisance wildlife removal, raccoon removal, rodent control, possum removal, rat removal, rat control, snake removal and even dead animals. Any problem that you have with wild animals can be entirely resolved by our Treasure Coast wildlife removal company.

Alex Lauffenburger

We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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