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Armadillo Removal in Treasure Coast

As soon as you see small holes appearing around your property, it’s time to call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Treasure Coast. You might be annoyed by these little guys tearing up your lawn or garden, but the real damage happens under the surface. Armadillos can dig holes near your house and ruin your foundation. That is an extremely expensive repair! Call AAAC Wildlife Removal today!

armadillo crossing a yard in the Treasure Coast
Armadillos do a real number on your landscaping

Our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution for your armadillo control needs. We will remove your nuisance armadillos without doing them harm.

We are proud to offer wildlife animal removal services to the surrounding areas of Palm Bay, Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, West Melbourne, Malabar, Grant Valkaria and anywhere in the Treasure Coast area!

Armadillo Removal in Treasure Coast, Florida

The armadillo species that is native to Florida is the nine-banded armadillo, which is also the species that has been introduced to most other states.

The major problem with these animals is their major burrowing habits, which can cause serious damage to properties. They can be quite destructive if they take up residence in your yard. These critters’ fondness for digging holes in yards, gardens and flowerbeds is definitely going to give homeowners headaches.

Removal and critter control should be initiated as soon as you determine that the animal is living in the area.

Armadillo damage in a yard

Problems and Damage Caused By Armadillos

Armadillos love to dig yummy grubs and insects out of lawns. If left alone, it will proceed to dig more burrows and holes to find food, their digging will eventually destroy your garden or lawn and compromise the integrity of your yard and foundations. They can easily destroy gardens, flowerbeds and anything else that gets in the way of their search for food.

They Devastate Gardens and Yards

The animal just loves to burrow and dig for worms and other insects. Their penchant for digging can quickly ruin the roots of your precious plants. If they dig into your lawn, they can leave it looking completely shredded and useless. The only solution is to get rid of them as soon as possible.

They also leave unsightly holes in your yard that are really quite unattractive. It is not uncommon to find many of these holes and burrows on your property, especially if the animal has been digging for long periods.

Armadillos are very destructive in terms of landscaping and gardens. If the armadillo is unable to get enough grubs from your lawn, they will look for them in your flowerbeds and plants. This leads to further damage if they are left alone without any action taken by the homeowner.

They Compromise Your Home or Driveway’s Foundation

A hungry armadillo burrowing and digging to find food will undermine and damage foundations, fence posts, yard decorations, and buried water pipes.

In their search for food and effort to keep cool during hot summer days, they can seriously destabilize structures with the holes and burrows they dig beneath patios and driveways. This can be very dangerous and it is extremely important that you take steps to immediately get rid of them before they cause more serious damages.

human hand touching armadillo belly

They Carry Diseases

Armadillos are also a cause for concern when it comes to public health issues. The animals may carry diseases such as St. Louis encephalitis, leptospirosis, arboviruses and leprosy that can easily be passed on if they come into contact with humans or their pets!

Armadillo Prevention and Exclusion in Treasure Coast

You can prevent armadillos from destroying your lawn and garden by using a few simple DIY methods. For starters, you can install fences or other metal barriers that reaches underground to keep armadillos out.

There are also repellants that can be used to keep armadillos away. Repellant sprays that are made especially for armadillos, can also help deter them from digging in certain areas of your yard.

Exclusion is a very effective method for preventing armadillos from entering your home. Unsealed entry points must be sealed with wire mesh, hardware cloth or other solid materials. Simple solutions like sealing cracks may seem easy but it can also be very effective at preventing them from getting into your backyards.

Armadillo fence

Armadillo Fencing

This is by far the most effective solution in keeping armadillos away from your yard or garden.

These are specially designed fences which can be built around your property to prevent armadillos from getting inside. The fencing material you choose should ideally be made of strong, durable material.

The drawback is that it is expensive and some people might not be willing to spend a lot of money on fences and barriers.

Use Their Sense of Smell Against Them

Armadillos have a very strong sense of smell and can be repelled by strong scents like vinegar or ammonia, they also have an aversion to pine-scented things. You might try switching your mulch from pine needles and bark to one of these options if you want the armadillo population out!

There are also some ultra sonic devices that claim to be effective in keeping armadillos away.

Armadillo stuck in live trap


Trapping Armadillos is an effective way to get rid of the critters. However, it is also a highly demanding and labor-intensive method that requires some knowledge of what equipment/trap you will need.

Some people may be able to accomplish this task without hiring professional service, however, we advise against it as armadillos are elusive and clever animals. It is usually best to hire a professional trapper.

If you want to keep your yard and garden safe from the threat of armadillo, consider the above methods. Armadillos are not only a menace to your garden and lawn but it also poses serious concerns with regards to public health.

Dangers of DIY Armadillo Trapping

If you decide to trap the animal yourself, instead of hiring a professional who traps armadillos on a regular basis, there are some dangers to the process that you need to be aware of.

The fact that these animals have very sharp claws and is known to transmit leprosy should be enough to deter most people from taking this on.

Some people have even contracted leptospirosis after getting into contact with armadillos so it is very important that you take the proper precautions when doing DIY armadillo trapping.

Be sure to watch out for their sharp claws when you are attempting to catch the creature or transport it in your vehicle. As much as they may not seem dangerous, remember that they can transmit leprosy and other contagious diseases.

Armadillo Removal Treasure Coast Service Areas 

AAAC Wildlife Removal provides Armadillo Control Services in Brevard County, Indian River County, St. Lucie County, Martin County, Palm Beach County, Palm Bay, and all Treasure Coast Cities

Treasure Coast cities we service include Stuart FL, Vero Beach FL, Fort Pierce FL, Fellsmere FL. Pompano Beach FL., Jensen Beach Fl., Sebastian

Dead Armadillo Removal and Deodorization

We also provide removal services for dead armadillos as well as deodorization for the affected areas. This will prevent other animals from getting attracted to the area.

Our services also include wildlife damage repair and all other aspects of a full-service nuisance wildlife control company. We can handle any problem, big or small. In addition to being State Certified Wildlife Control Operators (CWCO) our technicians are certified by the Animal Damage Control (ADC).

Armadillo Removal in Treasure Coast FAQs

What To Do If You See An Armadillo?

It is not dangerous to humans most of the time, but it can be if cornered. Animal control will likely recommend you to take steps to avoid contact with the animal. Armadillos can spread leprosy or leptospirosis, bacterial disease that can cause severe symptoms in humans.

Can You Pick Up a Wild Armadillo?

It is never a good idea to handle a wild armadillo on your own unless you have been trained in handling wild or feral animals. These animals when cornered are still very dangerous and can easily transmit diseases to people.

If you want the animal removed, or need help with an issue involving these animals in your yard, it is best to call a local wildlife Control company.

Can I Shoot Armadillos In My Yard?

Unfortunately, yes. Private landowners are allowed to kill nuisance armadillos in their Florida home or property. However, this is not a recommended solution and most wildlife specialists will advise against it. There definitely are more humane ways to get rid of the animals.

Who Do I Call to Remove Armadillos in My Yard?

Animal Control will usually advise you to contact a wildlife removal company, like us! AAAC Wildlife Removal Treasure Coast has decades of experience in trapping and removing armadillos from properties and can resolve your issue quickly and thoroughly.

Our wildlife removal and control company specializes in removing armadillos as well as all types of wild animal control services and wildlife removal services. We handle dead animal removal, bat removal & bat control, animal control, armadillo removal, raccoon removal, rodent problem, squirrel removal, nuisance wildlife removal, rodent control, possum removal, rat removal, rat control, critter control, humane trapping, control of invasive species, nuisance animals and just about anything that require removal, even dead animals.

Any wild animal issue that you may have can be thoroughly resolved by our Treasure Coast wildlife control company. Call AAAC Wildlife Removal and let us solve your wildlife issues today!

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