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Is there a wild animal in your yard that is causing trouble? Don't panic We can help you! We are here to help. Palm Bay residents and homeowners of Brevard County manage their wildlife and keep their homes free from disease. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Palm Bay will take care of your problem by getting rid of unwanted critters. Contact us now!

Palm Bay Wildlife Removal professional removing pest animal
Pest wildlife in Palm Bay had better watch out!

We specialize in all types of animal removal and wildlife management services. bat removal & bat control, nuisance wildlife removal, raccoon removal, rodent control, possum removal, rat removal, rat control, and even dead animals.

Palm Bay FL Wild Animal Removal

Our team employs the most up-to-date pest control and removal techniques to deal with all kinds of Palm Bay wildlife. We are diligent about following all Florida State Laws and Regulations on Animal Removal and Nusiance Wildlife. This means that we use the most humane and effective methods for nuisance critter removal.

Dead animal ready for removal in Palm Bay

Dead Animal Removal Palm Bay

The smell of dead animals in Palm Bay can be quite unpleasant. This odor is not only unpleasant, but can also present health risks to your family. AAAC Wildlife Removal can safely remove unwanted dead animals from your home so you don’t have the responsibility of handling them or worrying about your safety. If you need us immediately, we also offer weekend wildlife removal services.

Smells from a dead animal infestation are difficult to remove and the process may take a lot of time. Odors can persist for long periods of time and must be removed using the right steps. This is why it’s important to control odors in order to avoid unpleasant smells. Decomposing bodies release gases that can cause a nasty stench. There’s a good chance that the bodies of deceased wildlife will swell up and burst, exposing putrid gasses soon after they die.

Many dead animals find their way into the most unpleasant of places. You may find dead rodents in cabinets or walls. They have probably died from thirst and lack of food. If left unchecked for weeks on end, these pests will cause damage to your home. They will also make your house smell unbearable until you get rid of them. AAAC Wildlife Removal are the experts! We are specialists in the removal and decontamination of dead animals.

Raccoon(s) caught and removed from a home in Palm Bay

Raccoon Removal Palm Bay

You may be enjoying your morning cup of coffee or cleaning up after dinner when you come across the terrorizing sight of raccoons roaming your home. There is a good chance that the raccoons are in your attic. Raccoon removal may be an option. These raccoons could cause extensive damage to the roof and wiring of Palm Bay homes, as they can also pollute your attic with toxic raccoon feces.

Raccoons in Brevard County are notorious for their love of mischief, so it’s important to stay vigilant! They are also known as “masked bandits”, and they can be seen roaming in large packs. Keep an eye on them if they are seen. They will find shelter wherever it’s possible to make their home, which is usually your porch or shed roofing. They’ll also look for shelter in tight spaces, such as barns and hot tubs.

We can help you with Raccoon Removal in Palm Bay Florida.

Bat(s) removed from a customer's home in Palm Bay

Bat Removal Palm Bay

Palm Bay bats can be removed humanely through a method of nuisance wildlife control called bat-exclusion. You can get bats out by letting them out to go hunting at night. Then, never let them back in.

To determine where bats are entering your home, we inspect it. Once we identify the entry holes they used to infest your attic, we seal up most of the entry holes and install one-way doors. You can rest assured that your bats will not be able get in again after they go out hunting at night.

It is important to seal all entry points so that pests cannot get in after your bats are exiled. You might need an attic clean out, possibly with cosmetic repairs, if you have had a bat infestation for some time We offer wildlife damage repair services in Florida for Palm Bay residents.

Rodent in Palm Bay

Rodent Removal Palm Bay

Palm Bay homeowners are most afraid of a rat infesting their home. It’s disgusting! Despite their small size, rats and mice can wiggle into almost any crack within a Florida home or business.

Palm Bay area contractors are often not aware of ways to keep rats out of their houses during construction and remodels. There may be a point where rats or mice can enter your home from any work that you have done.

The detection and control of a rat infestation is a very important task. If they chew your pipes and wiring, they can cause serious property damage. This increases the risk of water and fire damage. Exterminators who use poison to kill rodents should be avoided. Rat poison can dehydrate rodents, which makes them more likely be unable to find water sources.

Rodents pose a risk to your health and spread diseases by their bites. We recommend that you schedule an inspection as soon as you notice a rodent living in your Brevard County property.

Pigeons trapped on a roof for a commercial customer in Palm Bay

Pigeon and Bird Control Palm Bay

It might seem that pigeons are harmless creatures going about their business. In reality, they’re aggressive and intrusive nuisance animals looking to settle in. Palm Bay residents are likely to have difficulty getting rid of them. They will not leave even if you use a broom, or any other tool, and they will not move. We offer a humane solution to this problem that will allow homeowners to regain control of their property.

Snake(s) caught at a customer's house in Palm Bay

Snake Removal Palm Bay

Palm Bay is home both non-venomous and venomous snakes. Palm Beach residents don’t have to worry about a potential snake infestation. We will send a team out to help identify the species. While most non-venomous snakes can be harmless, they can cause problems for some homeowners who react negatively when confronted with them.

We have tips for making your yard attractive or uninviting to these scaly creatures. Some examples are:

  • Before you turn off the lights at night, make sure to inspect all outdoor lighting fixtures
  • Prune bushes and shrubs around doors, windows, porches, etc.
  • Make sure window screens are securely in place
  • keeping trash cans closed tight

The team of experts with years of experience in dealing with snake-related insect removal can help you keep your yard and house safe. They’ll make sure any dangers to you and your family are eliminated!

Wildlife Contractor inspecting and restoring an attic in Palm Bay

Wildlife Removal from Attics

Your attic offers wild animals the greatest level of security, comfort, safety and security. These Palm Bay FL raccoons and rats, as well as pigeons and bats, and birds, are always looking for a safe and comfortable place to raise their families. It is possible that they could end up in your chimney, attic, or roof. Wild animals are not only freeloading, but they can also damage your roof, soffits, and eaves and leave toxic droppings behind. AAAC Wildlife Removal will help you with your wildlife control needs.

Are you having trouble with a pest animal in your Palm Bay house? Don’t worry, because we are the animal removal specialists with backgrounds in wildlife biology who insist on giving your nuisance animals humane and proper treatment!

Before and After photo of a Wildlife Entry Hole sealed and repaired for a customer in Palm Bay

Wildlife Damage Repair & Re-Entry Seal Up

It is only half of the battle to control nuisance wildlife. Palm Bay Wildlife Control is about finding a professional who can repair any damage done by your furry friends. This includes damage to your roof, soffits, eaves, and vents. They must also seal all the entry points that those critters ripped up in the first place. Our wildlife control and removal team can help you with any repairs to your yard, attic, lawn or home.

Attic Cleanup and Re-Insulation Services

If there was a family of nuisance animals living upstairs in your Florida loft, they probably caused a lot of damage that they didn’t care to clean up. Animal waste left in an attic (like bat guano) can be toxic to your health! Do not attempt to remove the waste yourself without special training or equipment. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Palm Bay can help with the safe decontamination of your attic and replacing of your damaged or trashed insulation. We are Florida’s wildlife control agency.

Residents of Brevard County, Florida, and Palm Bay homeowners trust us to keep their homes safe and disease-free by controlling wildlife. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Palm Bay has the expertise to handle any unwanted wildlife. We do not offer an inspection for animal removal in Palm Bay.

For Palm Bay wildlife removal and animal control, call us today!

What makes us the best wildlife control company for you?

Over 15 years, we have built our business by offering the best wildlife and nuisance removal services in America.

We are here to help you because we are:

  • Professional, polite, and prompt
  • Passionate about protecting your home and learning new trades
  • Experts in wildlife biology
  • Talented trappers who understand the animals we work with
  • Compassionate and humane
  • Master in carpentry and home repairs

Our Palm Bay wildlife control company is fully licensed and certified in the city of Palm Bay and the state of Florida, and is highly rated on Google.

We didn’t get the best by making our customers anything less than completely satisfied!

Frequently Asked Questions about Wildlife

Q: Who do I call to remove wild animals in Brevard County?

A: It all depends on what animal you are trying to remove from Brevard County. If you have a wild dog or cat, please call the Animal Control office for Palm Bay.

If the animal you need to remove is a woodland creature (like a raccoon, bat, rat, or snake), then you want to call a Wildlife Removal company for efficient and quality work.

Q: How do you get rid fo wild animals in Florida

A: The state of Florida and Palm Bay handle wildlife issues in a different way depending on the species and size of the animal and where it is located. Bats often need to be removed from an attic. Trapping is the best methods for humanely removing raccoons. You will often need to contact an animal removal specialist.

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